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We live in a global community where East Coast joins West Coast and communicating across miles is possible using many different technologies.  Some people have an occasional need to send documents via facsimile machines, but do not find it economical to purchase a machine for that one-time use.  

Fax and Copy Services available at Denton Drug, Denton, NC

Denton Drug makes available to its customers, use of a fax machine for sending and receiving faxes.  Price for each page sent or received is $2.00.  

Send a document quickly, confidentially and economically at Denton Drug.  Likewise, if you are expecting someone to send you a document, you may arrange for that person to fax it to Denton Drug at (336) 859-2192.  We will print it and hold it until you are able to stop by and pick it up.  

The days of typewritten carbon copies are long gone, replaced by duplicates made on copy machines.  If you need a page copied, bring it into Denton Drug for fast, confidential service.  Charge for each page copied is twenty cents ($.20). 


ph:  (336) 859-2191
fax: (336) 859-2192




Fax Services

  • send a fax
  • receive a fax
  • confidential
  • efficient
  • cost effective
  • $2.00 per page


Copy Services

  • quick
  • confidential
  • $.20 per page