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Denton Drug has been meeting the health care needs of the Davidson County area for nearly 100 years.  It was started in 1908 by Able Anderson soon after the first railroad tracks were thrown down in the town of what is now Denton.  The original store was situated in a small wooden building off the north side of Peacock Avenue.  It was later moved to the corner of South Main Street and Peacock Avenue, where the Denton Eye Clinic now resides.

Dr. Anderson's son-in-law, Dr. A. L. Plummer took over the store after Dr. Anderson retired and operated it for several years.  Weldon B. Royals acquired the store from Dr. Plummer and operated it until he died in the early 70's.

Roger Efird acquired Denton Drug after Mr. Royal's death and operated it at the South Main and Peacock Avenue site until the early 80's at which time he moved the store to 26 North Main Street.

Mr. Efird sold Denton Drug to Barrett and Tanner, Inc. in October 1983.  Harold Tanner and Bob Barrett operated the store until June of 1984.  At that time, Delbert Cranford joined them as an employed pharmacist.  In August of 1986, Mr. Cranford purchased the interests of Mr. Tanner and Mr. Barrett. 

In July 2002 property on Highway 109 became available and Mr. Cranford opted to move the store to a more accessible location for his customers.  Its current address is 17941 South Highway 109 Denton, North Carolina.

Denton Drug has been relocated several times and its interior has changed; it no longer boasts a soda fountain. It is streamlined for success and has changed as the customers' needs have changed.  However, the personal care and high quality of service that have been the backbone of Denton Drug has not changed since its inception in 1908. It is this attention to customer concerns that enabled Denton Drug to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2008.

Del Cranford's daughter, Lora Griffin, joined Denton Drug as a pharmacist in July 1998. She purchased the store in December of 2010 and operates it today.

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Denton Drug

  • has served the community for over 100 years
  • started in 1908
  • held a centinnial celebration in 2008
  • Denton's only family owned and operated pharmacy
  • changes as the needs of the community change